Arranging For Burial in the Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery (Kaneohe)

Posted on Jul 25, 2013 in Veterans Cemetery

Arranging For Burial in the


Burial in the Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery (HSVC) is an honor reserved for veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces and their eligible dependents.  The HSVC maintains this tradition on behalf of a grateful nation.

  • Gravesites in HSVC cannot be reserved in advance. However, families are encouraged to prepare in advance by discussing cemetery options, and by collecting the veteran’s military information.


  • Burial use: This cemetery is for veterans, their spouses, and minor children who are under 21 years of age or under 23 years of age if pursuing a course of instruction at an approved educational institution.  Unmarried adult children who are physically or mentally disabled and incapable of self-support before reaching the age of 21 years also are eligible for burial.  Family members utilize a one grave concept with interments at 4’, 6’, 8’ and 10’ depths. 

Cremains may be placed in a niche in the columbarium wall or inurned in a ground plot.


  • HSVC will provide a gravesite, marker, perpetual care of the gravesite, and will open and close the grave.  The veteran’s family must pay for mortuary services provided by funeral directors and other related costs, usually including transportation of remains.


  • Cost: There is a standard plot or interment allowance fee of ($700) for each interment payable to State of Hawaii, Department of Defense.  The Department of Veterans Affairs will pay the plot or interment allowance fee ($700) for wartime and peacetime veterans.  Families are responsible to pay the plot allowance fee ($700) for active duty, and dependents.


  • Vault or Grave Liner:  A Polyguard liner for casket burial is provided by the State (HSVC) for veterans and all eligible family members (subject to change upon availability of funds.  Urn vaults may be purchased through a mortuary of your choice.


  • The veteran’s full name; rank; branch of service; date of entry and discharge; service, social security and VA claim number; date of birth; and death of death should be provided, if possible, to establish burial eligibility in HSVC.


  • A copy of the veteran’s official military discharge document with the character of discharge is also required, i.e., DD214, WD AGO 53-55, or VA Statement of Service.  (The discharge certificate alone is not sufficient.)


  • At the time of need, the funeral director shall contact the HSVC on behalf of the family to schedule the interment.  If the family is not using the services of a mortuary, the family may call direct to arrange for burial date and time.


  • The same procedures are followed if the veteran’s eligible spouse or dependent predeceases the veteran.  In most cases, one gravesite is provided for the burial of all eligible family members and a single marker is provided.  When both spouses are veterans, two gravesites and two headstones may be provided, if requested. 


  • Flat granite markers (for ground burial) and bronze niche markers (for columbarium wall niche) are ordered by HSVC.  Upon arrival, markers are emplaced on the gravesite or niche.


  • Funeral services are not held at Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery, but a final committal service may be held at the cemetery.  Viewing facilities are not available.  Banquet facilities are also not available.


  • For safety reasons, these committal services are held in a committal shelter located away from the gravesite and Columbarium.  Burial will take place in private by the cemetery following the committal service.


  • HSVC does not conduct burials on weekends and/or State holidays.


  • Casket or urn sprays may accompany the casket or urn.  If floral arrangements have already been viewed at a previous memorial service, it will be place directly on the gravesite.


  • MILITARY HONORS: If military honors are desired, the mortuary will arrange for the military honors prior to the committal service, by calling the appropriate military service organization to see if it can be provided.


  • In absence of military honors, the cemetery staff may play a recorded version of Taps at the committal shelter.


  • Full military honors will be provided for retirees only, which may consist of uniformed pallbearers, flag-folding detail, rifle salute, and bugler playing Taps, and a chaplain.  If requested, the detail may be modified or shortened to be consistent with the number of people available to provide honors.  Veterans will be provided a bugler, and a minimum of a two-person team to fold and present the flag.


  • BURIAL FLAG: The Department of Veterans Affairs will provide one burial flag per veteran.  Most veterans, reservists and former reservists are eligible to receive a burial flag.  At the time of need, request for a burial flag will be made through the mortuary upon confirmation of eligibility.  If the family is not using the services of a mortuary, HSVC will assist the family in requesting a burial flag.


  • For additional information or assistance, write to:



                   45-349 Kamehameha Highway, Kaneohe, Hawaii 96744 or call

                   Ph  No. (808) 233-3630 

                   Fax No. (808) 233-3633


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