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Planning and Operations

  • Translates the State’s Homeland Security Strategy and policy guidance into OHS mission execution through the development of operational and response plans, which guide and direct OHS’ and the state homeland security enterprise’s activities for priority threats and challenges.
  • Leads statewide planning and operational support for topical areas including:
    • Homeland Security Strategy and Implementation
    • Election Contingency
    • Cyber Incident and Disruption Response
    • Critical Infrastructure and Interdependencies
    • Emerging Threats
  • Oversees the statewide Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure Programs.
  • Manages the training and exercise elements related to OHS’ mission, providing development and sponsorship of educational and training opportunities for practitioners across the homeland security enterprise.
  • Assembles relevant stakeholders, organizations, and support groups to exercise operational and response plans and prepare for various homeland security threats.


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