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Cyber Safety Links

Tips & Tricks

Here are some cyber safety tips that will help you to stay safe and secure when connected to the internet.

What’s New!

Here’s the latest cyber safety resource we think you should take a look at.

  • Consumer Reports Security Planner – Answer a few questions and get personalized cybersecurity recommendations and expert advice HERE

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month Resources

National Cybersecurity Alliance (NCSA)/Cybersecurity and Information Security Agency (CISA)

Tip Sheets


Media Po Infographics

Media Pro – Posters

SANS Institute

SANS Institute

Center for Cyber Safety and Education (Safe and Secure Online)




Air Force Association – CyberGenerations: The Senior Citizens’ Cyber Safety Initiative 

Open source Analysis Tool – is used to assist individuals in identifying malicious activity that may affect their systems. The attached pdf file includes online scan engines, malware analysis portals, email header message analyzers, and web browsers that block ads and website trackers.

Awareness, Training and Education

Cybersecurity Awareness

Cybersecurity, or protecting computers and computer networks from cyber criminals and other malicious actors, can be complex and confusing for many of us. To help you with understanding some of the more recent cybersecurity challenges that face us today, the below information resources are provided.

Center for Cyber Safety and Education (Safe and Secure Online)

  • Cyber Safety Slide Presentation – Students
  • Cyber Safety Slide Presentation – Parents
  • Cyber Safety Slide Presentation – Seniors

Equifax Breach

Scam Alerts!


Identity Theft

Social Engineering


Cybersecurity Awareness Training Videos

Here are some courses on cybersecurity awareness training. The below products are excellent resources that explains the do’s and don’ts of the internet and for increasing your level of cyber safety when connected.

Cybersecurity Education

Following are several excellent no-cost cybersecurity education opportunities that will save users $$$.

  • US DHS FedVTE – Free online cybersecurity training to U.S. government employees, Federal contractors, and veterans.
  • Cybrary – Free online cybersecurity for everyone.
  • Coursera – Free online courses from the wold’s best universities and educational institutions.
  • Professor Messer – Free online IT training courses to include CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, and Nmap.


Get Involved

Hawaii Community Cybersecurity Events

Community Events

Many activities ranging from hacker user groups to educational seminars are continually being held locally throughout the year.  All of theses activities have one key purpose which is to increase our cyber safety awareness and make Hawaii a safer place when connected.

Community Cybersecurity Programs

There are many robust cyber safety programs in our community that are making Hawaii a safer place to connect.  Consider getting involved with one or more of these organizations that promote cyber safety.

Hawaii Cybersecurity Youth Programs

Here are the Hawaii youth cyber programs supporting our K-12 students. From youth cyber safety awareness programs to national cybersecurity competitions, our students are highly engaged learning and applying their cybersecurity skills.

Hawaii Cybersecurity Collegiate Clubs

Here are the student cybersecurity clubs in our universities and community colleges. These clubs provide a unique opportunity for our students to gain experience beyond the classroom and engage in activities that range from student-led social mixers to national-level cybersecurity competitions.

Hawaii Cybersecurity Professional Associations

Here are the cybersecurity professional associations that bring our professional cybersecurity community together. These associations provide venues that range from social mixers to workforce development opportunities.



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