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The Future of Cybersecurity: Hawaii’s CyberPatriot Program

HONOLULU, HI, Dec 13, 2017 (MidWeek) — Another day, another hugely worrying breach of personal information by a company obstinately trusted to safeguard it. Yahoo admitted that every single one of its 3 billion user accounts was hacked. Equifax revealed that 143 million identities were exposed – including all-hallowed social security numbers. Uber got busted for hiding that it, too, compromised 57 million riders and drivers. And all of this was just in the last three months.

How can it be that this digital world is so insecure? Acceptance cannot become the status quo. What can be done to turn this tide?

The answer, according to the Air Force Association’s Cyber Patriot National Youth Cyber Education Program, is knowledge.  “It’s about learning what goes on  in the world of cybersecurity,” says Deborah Kula, who coaches Sacred Hearts Academy’s CyberPatriot competition teams, “so how to protect networks from hackers, certainly but even more important, from users who aren’t always aware of the risky kinds of thinks that they cause to happen on computers.”

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