The KOA Program Mission: Our mission is to strengthening families by educating and teaching Parents/Guardians and Youths about substance prevention and tips, tools, and techniques on family communication, structure, and the resilience to meet today’s challenges affecting the household.

Our two 3 hour Sessions include:

Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS) Codes: The duties and responsibilities of a Parents and Minors, presented by a HPD officer, followed by a question and answer session about the law.

We’ll provide the latest trends and information in Hawai’i about Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs.

Meet with Mentoring Programs such as the Youth Challenge Academy and Hina Mauka, Family Services such as Family Tree Project, and a representative of the Juvenile Client Services.

Meet our mentors and motivational guest speakers.

Parents will have the opportunity to learn about communication and discipline techniques.

Youths will have the opportunity to learn goal setting and stress management techniques.

Our goal is to strengthen family bonds and communication within the family, and reduce status offences and substance abuse in our Hawai’i.