Supervisors or your Rep can schedule a one hour teleconference or a sit-down meeting with HRO to address any issues/concerns/changes with the Technicians.

The purpose of the 1-on-1 meeting is to review any technician issues, concerns or requests for HRO action (e.g., pay, promotion, audits, labor relations, benefits, training, DTS, travel, PAAs/MyPerformance, etc.)

You can also address any of the following;

  1. Review section Technician Manning Document (Requirements, Authorizations, and Assignments)
  2. Review your section Temp Tech extensions
  3. Review Pending Technician RPAs
  4. Validate Technician JVA Updates
  5. Complete a CLASP review for anyone in your sections
  6. Review pending Retirements of anyone 55 and over or anyone pending retirement within the next 12 months

This information is placed on our trackers if they are not already being addressed. We, the HRO, want to make sure that we keep a good communication flow to better serve our HIARNG customers.

Please contact 2LT Amparan for coordination (808) 672 -1235.

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