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 Q: When is open season for FEHB (Federal Employees Health Benefit)? A: FEHB open season is the 2nd Monday in November until the 2nd Monday in December. The 2017 Federal Benefits Open Season will be from 13 November 2017 to 11 December 2017.
 Q: What are open season changes to the new coverage of FEHB effective? A: The first pay period in January is the effective date of new FEHB coverage?
 Q: What is a Quality Step Increase (QSI) and how does it affect a within-grade increase (WGI)? A: If you are a technician in any GS grade level below step 10 of that grade who shows high quality performance you can be rewarded at QSI. The other requirements of a QSI include having a high rate in MyPerformance with no 0’s or 1’s, have demonstrated sustained performance of high quality, and have not receive da QSI within the last 156 consecutive calendar weeks.  If a technician is in step 4 or 7, then it will affect their WGI by having the technician have to wait the full waiting period for the new step increase. If the technician is not in step 4 or 7, the QSI will not affect the WGI.
 Q: When does a recently hired technician register in MyBiz? A: A new technician can register into MyBiz 2 weeks after their start date to allow time for the system to process them in first.
 Q: What is MyPerformance and when can a new hire start MyPerformance?  A: MyPerformance is a performance appraisal system where you create, update, and view your performance plans. It is due at the end of every September for that fiscal year.  A new hire can start MyPerformance, only if they are a permanent or indefinite technician new hire after serving 12 months (the probationary period).
Q:  How do I sign up for health insurance (FEHB)? A:  Go to EBIS create an account and login. Go to transactions and if you are eligible for FEHB coverage you can click the button to change your health insurance. For information on health insurance and how to choose the plan that’s right for you go to ABC-C and do your research. 
 Q: How do I waive or change my life insurance (FEGLI)? A:  How do I waive or change my life insurance? – Fill out an SF2871 Life Insurance Election form stating that you would like NO life insurance coverage, sign and date it. Then turn it into HRO. Once HRO processes it go to EBIS to see that FEGLI was waived. 
 Q: What is MyBiz and what can I use it for? A:  MyBiz  is a system that all active employees who have a DCPDS user account can access. It is used to view their HR information, personal data, pay, leave and benefits, professional development, position information, performance, and notification of personnel actions (SF50).
 Q: How do I get a copy of my employment verification? A:  Go to My  MyBiz Login with your CAC. Under “Key Services” click “Request Employment Verification”, click to send either employment information or both employment and salary information. Enter an external organization or person’s email address and then click continue. Verify information is correct on the next page, click “Acknowledge and Submit”. Then click “Yes” on the next page and you are responsible for sending the external organization or person your password (that will be sent to your email) for the PDF document that was sent to their email.
 Q: What is the SF 50 Form used for? A: The SF 50 is the Notification of Personnel Action form, it is used to document appointments, verify benefits, and non-competitive status. The form must be turned in with all federal job applications.
 Q: What is the SF 52 Form used for? A: The SF 52 is the form used to request changes to your personnel record. It can be used to change your name, address, promotion, resignation, or other changes to your record.
 Q: What is eOPF? A: eOPF is a filling system that has electronic folders online storing your SF50, SF52, and other documents from your whole federal career. In the case you don’t have eOPF access, go to the following site: eOPF click on “Accept”, and on the next screen, click on “Request Your eOPF ID.
 Q: How do I obtain copies of my eOPF documents after I retire or separate? A: Prior to your separation, you should make copies of your eOPF documents and arrange with your HRO office to send copies of late documents not inputted into eOPF to your mailing address.
 Q: What if HRO no longer has a copy of my eOPF and I cannot access eOPF since I am already separated or retired? A:  You can get copies of most civilian and personnel medical records on file at NPRC (National personnel Records Center), via written request signed and dated by mail or fax to: National Personnel Records Center, Annex 1411 Boulder Boulevard Valmeyer, IL 62295 or Fax: 618-935-3014 or for more information please see their web site National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) .
 Q: What are the requirements to retire from the technician program? A: To retire you must meet age and service requirements. If you retire at age 55 you must have 30 years of service. To retire at 60 you must have 20 years of service. To retire at 62 you must have 5 years of service.
Q: How much leave do I earn?  A: You can earn leave once you have worked the initial 90 days as a full-time technician. Everyone earns sick leave at the rate of 4 hours per pay period. But for annual leave, how much leave you earn depends on how long you have been working. If you have been working 1-3 years, you will earn 4 hours of annual leave per pay period. If you have been working 3-15 years, you earn 6 hours of annual leave per pay period. If you have been working more than 15 years, you earn 8 hours of annual leave per pay period.
 Q: When can I enroll in what federal technician benefit? A: For indefinite or permanent technicians you can enroll in TSP at any time. But for FEHB, FEGLI, FSAFEDS, FEDVIP, or FLTCIP it must be done within 60 days of being hired or during the open enrollment period for each federal benefit.
 Q: How long does it take for a section to get a new employee after we have submitted a JVA for a technician? A: The whole process can take up to 120 days for you to get a new technician.
 Q: What is the difference between temporary, indefinite, and permanent?
Employment period Tenure Group Separation
Temporary Less than 1 year 0 Anytime
Indefinite 1 to 4 years 3 After a 30 day notice
Permanent 1 year trial period, then convert to “career” status 2 (if in 1 year trial period)

1 (if permanent)

If Tenure group 2, anytime

If Tenure group 1, no restrictions