TAG Policy Memos

Contains TAG policy memorandums pertaining to full-time employees’ performance, conduct and work environment while employed by the Hawaii National Guard.  Some of the memorandums included are currently under revision.  For more information regarding the most updated memorandums, please contact the Human Resources Office at 808-672-1006, Technician_Option 5 or AGR_Option 4.

Procedures for when Full time Support Personnel (Tech,AGR, and FTNGD-OS) seek or engage in employment outside the Federal government.

Procedures when light duty becomes necessary due to workplace injury under the OWCP (Office of Worker’s Compensation Program). Supersedes FTSPR 810-2, subject: Light Duty Assignments.

Attachment to Policy Memo 2011-01, Placing Technicians on Light Duty.

Published Policies FY 18

HING Joint Civilian Discrimination Complaint Instructions, – 25 SEP 17

Fiscal Year 2018 HING HRO Full-Tim Selection Board Training, 29 NOV 17

Equal Employment Opportunity and Interviewing Practices, 25 OCT 17

Enclosures to Equal Employment Opportunity and Interviewing Practices, Enclosures 1-3 Interviewing Practices