HIANG AGR JVA FY18-038 AGR-AIR, CLOSE 14 June 2018

Posted on May 15, 2018 in AGR-Job-listing

In-Flight Refueling Superintendent (ILO Supervisory Aerial Refueling Technician (Instructor), GS-2185-11, $62,841 to $81,697 per annum), AFSC 1A091, POSNR 0957707, FAC 31B100, 203rd Air Refueling Squadron (203 ARS).  Open to present on- board AGR enlisted members MSgt (E-7) immediately promotable to SMSgt (E-8) to CMSgt (E-9) (Pending availability of Controlled Grade) of the Hawaii Air National Guard.




FY 18-038 AGR-AIR In-Flight Refueling Superintendent – 203 ARS