Change 1, HIARNG AGR JVA FY2018-19. Closes, 21 June 2019

Posted on Aug 13, 2018 in AGR-Job-listing

JVA FY2018-19, dated 22 June 18, one (1) year continuous recruitment for Recruiting and Retention NCO, E6, 00F34, Hawaii Recruiting and Retention Battalion, Hawaii Army National Guard, Kapolei, Hawaii.

As Reads: AREA OF CONSIDERATION:   All applicants MUST be qualified in an MOS and must be able to become SQ1-4 qualified, if required, within 180 days of initial AGR tour assignment. All applicants must already possess a Secret security clearance. Current AGR Soldiers (excluding those within their first 18 months of an initial tour) may apply. No waivers authorized. In order to be considered for this position, applicants must meet minimum qualifications as outlined on this announcement.

How Changed: AREA OF CONSIDERATION:  To Add:  Soldiers in the grade of E7 may apply and understand that if selected for the position, he/she will be administratively reduced to the grade of E6.

CHANGE 1_ JVA FY2018-19 RRNCO, E6, SQ14, Rec & Ret Bn (Continuous recruitment)

JVA FY2018-19 RRNCO, E6, SQ14, Rec & Ret Bn (Continuous recruitment)