D1-Signed Award Letter

Bid Documents Puunene Readiness Center Architectural Plans Roof Details Roof Plan Showing Locations of Damaged Gutters Addendum #1 Award letter  

C-Notice – G&S Bid documents Addendum 1 Award Letter – Signed

SPO-007 Approved B1-Award letter signed  

B1- Award Letter

C-Notice – G&S Bid Documents Annual Monitoring Plan 2017, Atch C NPDES_HIS00052_FY17AnnualReport_includingAnnualMonitoringReport, Atch B & D SWMP 2017 Sep FINAL, Atch A Addendum 1 Award Letter – Signed

C-Notice Bid Documents CA-1807-D_HIANG_PTA WAREHOUSE_FINAL-revised HIARNG Final Specifications Addendum 1 B1-Signed Award letter B1-Signed revised award letter

B117 E6.19 Light Fixture Schedule_sht544of578 B117 E0.01A Electrical Legend_sht00of578 C-Notice – Bid Documents 3d_HIARNG Spill Incident Report Form 16010 Electrical 16050 Electrical B117 CSMS#1_E0.01 Electrical legend B117 CSMS#1_E1.01 Light Fixture Schedule r1 B117 CSMS#1_E9.01-9.03 New Lighting Plan r3 B117 CSMS#1_Layout for bid B117 E3.01-3.14_New Lighting Plan_sht493-504of578 r3 B117 Layout for bid HIARNG ENV_Contractor Reqmts_151208 SOW_CA-1817_B117 ...
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C-Notice – Const CA-1802-C Bid Documents Final Drawings Final Specifications Addendum 1 B1-Signed Award Letter  

C-Notice – Const Bid documents Administration Bldg. Roof, Ceiling Plans & Elevations Auditorium Bldg. Roof Plan & Elevations Billet Bldg. B, C, Office, Roof Plan, Floor Plan & Elevations Classroom Bldg. Roof, Floor Plans & Elevations Construction Cost Breakdown Form Dining Facility Bldg. Roof, Floor Plans & Elevations Environmental Forms and Documents EST-Pavilion Bldg. Roof ...
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