2018 State of Hawaii Hazard Mitigation Plan

Draft 2018 State of Hawaii Hazard Mitigation Plan Available for Review and Comment


The Draft 2018 State of Hawaii Hazard Mitigation Plan Update (HMP) is now available for review and comment.  The HMP is a ‘living document’ that will evolve over time to reflect new or additional information. This updated plan has been reformatted and organized to be more readable, while paralleling the structure of the requirements outlined in 44CFR 201.4 and FEMA’s State Mitigation Review Guide (March 2015) and State Mitigation Planning Key Topics Bulletins: Planning Process (July 2016); Risk Assessment (June 2016); Mitigation Capabilities (September 2016) and Mitigation Strategy (October 2016).


The Draft HMP can be downloaded below, either as one file, or as individual sections through the links below.  Comments will be accepted through the end of the day Friday, July 13, 2018 through submittal of this comment form:https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/HIStateHMPReview


Draft 2018 State of Hawai’i Hazard Mitigation Plan (note the large file size: 28MB)

Draft Cover and Table of Contents

Draft Section 1 – Introduction

Draft Section 2 – Planning Process

Draft Section 3 – State Profile

Draft Section 4.1 – Risk Assessment

Draft Section 4.2 – Climate Change

Draft Section 4.3 – Chronic Coastal Flood

Draft Section 4.4 – Dam Failure

Draft Section 4.5 – Drought

Draft Section 4.6 – Earthquakes

Draft Section 4.7 – Event Based Flood

Draft Section 4.8 – Hazardous Materials

Draft Section 4.9 – Health Risks

Draft Section 4.10 – High Wind Storms

Draft Section 4.11 – Hurricane

Draft Section 4.12 – Landslide Rockfall

Draft Section 4.13 – Tsunamis

Draft Section 4.14 – Volcano

Draft Section 4.15 – Wildfire

Draft Section 4.16 – Vulnerability Summary

Draft Section 5 – Capability Assessment

Draft Section 6 – Mitigation Strategy

Draft Section 7 – Plan Maintenance

Appendix A – Capability Assessment

Appendix B – Mitigation Strategy