HI-EMA administers three FEMA grant programs that are focused on Hazard Mitigation:

  1. Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities (BRIC)
  2. Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP)
  3. Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA)

Final Public Notice: Oahu Coastal Community Tsunami Evacuation Sign Installation | Posted March 4, 2022

Open Funding Opportunities:

HMGP funding for the COVID-19 Presidential Disaster Declaration. Read the official press release to learn about the intended use for these funds.

View the Applicantʻs Briefing presentation to learn more about eligibility and other requirements.

Please keep in mind these important deadlines for the HMGP COVID-19 funding:

  • 06/27/22 – Eligible Subapplicants must submit their Scope of Work, Benefit Cost Analysis Report, Budget and Work Schedule to HI-EMA HM Team
  • 07/27/22 – Subapplicants must submit completed application package to HI-EMA
  • 10/04/22 – Grant application is due to FEMA by 5 p.m. HST

 Closed Funding Opportunities:

BRIC FY21 and FMA FY21 applications have closed. Please check back in August for the FY22 NOFO announcements and contact the Hazard Mitigation Team at 808-733-4300 ext. 812 with project ideas for the FY22 funding cycle.

State and local mitigation activities that qualify for FEMA funding include:

  • Hazard mitigation planning.
  • Retrofit of critical facilities.
  • Acquisition, elevation, relocation or drainage improvements of repetitive flood loss structures.
  • Construction or upgrade of general population shelters.
  • Enhancement of development codes and standards.
  • Safe rooms and storm shelters.
  • Redundant power supply for critical facilities.
  • Warning systems.

Who is Eligible for Hazard Mitigation Grants?

State and County Agencies are eligible to apply for BRIC, HMGP, and FMA.  Certain private, non-profit organizations are eligible to apply for HMGP only.  Individuals and businesses are not eligible to apply directly; however, an eligible state or county agency may apply on behalf of individuals or businesses through sponsorship.

For more information on eligibility, please contact the State Hazard Mitigation Officer at 808-733-4300 ext. 812.

Review required documents & additional resources for HMA Grant Program Applications

Review FEMA’s HMA Guidance 2015HMA Guidance 2015 Addendum for application & reporting requirements.