CyberHawaii Launches in Tandem with Hawaii Cyber Security Awareness Month

Posted on Oct 14, 2017 in News

On Oct. 4 and 5, about 275 people gathered to learn and talk about cybersecurity, astronomy and space exploration.   In its third year, the Future Focus Conference, hosted by the University of Hawaii and Hawaii Business Roundtable, brought together a wide range of leaders – government, military, business, educators, researchers and innovators – from Hawaii, throughout our nation and the Asia Pacific region to discuss key issues in Hawaii’s innovation sector.

As a part of this year’s conference, a new organization, CyberHawaii, launched in tandem with the start of cybersecurity awareness month.  The mission of CyberHawaii is to identity and mitigate cyber risks, develop cyber education and workforce pathways for students, and invest in innovation and economic development for a cyber secure and resilient Hawaii.  It is about uniting the good guys and sharing tools to fend off bad actors and actions.   Bottom-line:  We are better together.

CyberHawaii  is one of 20 states across the nation in the CyberUSA family, bridging government, business and academia to create a more secure cyber network of communities.   For more information email: